A Day In My Life

This morning started off pretty rough-it was more like a mourning. I woke up late (around 9ish) and had to rush to get ready for work. I only had time to eat a small bowl of cereal, get dressed, and brush my teeth. Out the door I went (around 9:20ish). I basically was falling asleep on the drive, but it was so bright and sunny outside which helped my mood. My body got enhanced with some vitamin D. Anywho, it was slow at work, and I got pretty hungry real fast. I think the times when I’m not doing much are the times when I realize my grumbling stomach. I bought a small bag of Better Made barbecue chips from a charity box we have in our shop, which turned out to be my one good deed of the day. Eventually my sister came and visited which was a lovely surprise, unfortunately she didn’t stay long.

My head started hurting throughout the day and the weather started to reflect how I was feeling. It started drizzling and became really dreary out. Apart from that, my brother offered to buy my fav- Jimmy John’s. Of course I got my regular (plain turkey sub) and some of their delicious potato chips. After a few more hours it was time to go home! Yay!

*ps: my friend texted me letting me know he ripped his pants at work so there was a little laugh about that


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