Spring Daze

Although I’m a winter/fall junkie, there are a plethora of things I love when Springtime comes around.

I absolutely LOVE waking up to the sound of birds chirping from outside my window. I also love the sun shining through as well. Yes, I know, people usually tend to be crabby when they wake up and are instantly blinded by the light (as am I at first) but I’ve come to love how it helps wake me up and start my day off on a good note. Speaking of the sun, I love that as well. Not only does it give our planet we call home life and energy to thrive, it also gives me that too. It’s a no brainer that basking in the sun makes most people happy, but thanks to the vitamin D, it also helps get rid of that dreary slump you could be having on an off day. I love seeing all the plants wake up, especially some from my own garden. That’s another thing! Gardening is such an amazing thing-watching your own plants grow and then getting to harvest and eat them!


Yes, it’s currently the beloved summer break everyone’s been waiting for, but technically it’s still spring-hence this post. All of the glorious things mentioned here help the transition into summer including those beachy days and late bonfire nights. I hope you’re having an awesome spring so far.


With love,



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