Things I Love

I know we all have a few things we hold dear to us, and these are some of mine:

  • my dogs (I’m obsessed: they’re the loves of my life)
  • my bed!!! (comes close to my furry friends-sleep is always nice too)
  • plants -> my other friends
  • water
  • that lovely lovely leaf water-or tea as some people like to call it
  • a good read (no really…books are my getaway)
  • traveling | camping
  • makeup
  • stripes!!!! {wardrobe essential}
  • chai frappuccinos
  • art (love the starry night & the scream)
  • nature {hiking}
  • my closest friends
  • places I’ve never been to
  • holidays…just holidays. (christmas/halloween-I love decorations and the feeling!)
Starbuck’s chai frappuccino

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