My Adventure: Father’s Day

So yes, I am a proud & pure Michigander. I think Michigan has a lot to offer scenically and just in general. For father’s day, my family decided to all get together and go on a mini road trip. Although we have been to all these places before, they’re such lovely places no one minds going back.

First off, we headed for Detroit. Detroit is my city {I know a lot of people don’t like it there} but I love it. We technically only went through Detroit to get to where we wanted to go which was Belle Isle. This place keeps getting more and more beautiful every time I go back. They’re trying to restore it-and so far so good! Yesterday was the first time I’ve ever been inside the Aquarium and it’s safe to say it’s AWESOME. Inside there were tons of fish, seahorses, starfish, eels, chameleons, etc. The walls were black brick and the ceiling was green tiles to give it an underwater feel. I actually thought I was in the Ministry of Magic if I’m honest.

Outside the Aquarium


Anyway, then we went to the greenhouse which…well plants. It was so green and beautiful there too.

The tropical wing
Outside the greenhouse

They also managed to get the old fountain going!! This was an amazing sight. I honestly felt like I was in Rome.

[My brother, Dad, Sister, & Me]
After we had our share of Detroit and wandering around Belle Isle, it was on to St. Clair and Port Huron! I love these cities too because of how nautical and water loving they are. The buildings are always so grand and it’s just a nice drive because it feels like a completely different state. We stopped at a river-side restaurant to eat, then walked the boardwalk. You can never go to St. Clair without walking the boardwalk.

Our restaurant menu

Finally we got to Port Huron, and instead of going to our normal places we went to a little beachy area my parents and I had found the time before. The sun was starting to go down by the time we got there, but the view was breathtaking. The water and sky blended together, you couldn’t see off into the horizon, the sky looked like cotton candy, the lights of Canada and the bridge to get there were on, and the lighthouse was awesome!! I love this place. After dipping our feet in the Great Lakes and grabbing some Dairy Queen, we decided to head home.

Lake Huron

It was indeed a long day, but well worth the fun! I hope you all had an amazing father’s day as well.



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