My Thoughts: Orientation

I DID IT! I’m officially a registered college student! Yesterday I went to my university orientation and I thought I’d share my experience and thoughts:

Something that’s been haunting me an insane amount lately is my anxiety. So many things have happened and are happening that are really big changes in my life that have been packing on the stress which is leading to crazy anxiety attacks. Knowing freshman orientation was quickly approaching you could guess that these attacks were off the wall. But let me tell you something, I really had absolutely nothing to worry about. I knew coming into it I’d most likely be fine and despite everyone telling me that, I still was super anxious. But all in all I actually had a really amazing time and can’t wait to go back.

I met current students there right away which made the environment so friendly and comfortable for me. I was there from 7:45ish to about 4:30. I don’t know how to put that much time into a short enough blog post to not bore you. Anyway-I got my student ID, listened to many different presentations, toured the campus, ate at an all you can eat buffet, met some friends, registered for classes, and so much more. I was filed into a group of 10 kids and we were in the ‘Balance’ team.

Our group leader Abby with us striking our ‘balance’ poses

I got to know most of the kids pretty well, but once it came to registering for classes, me and Andrea became pretty close pretty fast. Truth is, you might feel like it’s you against a million, but there are always so so many people in the same boat as you, and I realized that yesterday. Back to classes, yes it was frustratingly frustrating (emphasis on frustrating), but once I got them all sorted out it was a breeze. I love the layout of the campus-not too big and incredibly gorgeous. I didn’t think I’d like it that much but I most definitely do.

Meet Grizzly the mascot statue
Meet Grizzly the mascot statue

Oh, did I mention the free stuff? SO MUCH. There was so much free food, free utensils, and so many free things offered at the school. They have free 40 minute physical classes for when you have extra time <yoga, pilates, zumba, etc> There’s also a 24/7 library and fountains and hammocks everywhere! And I definitely can’t forget the all you can eat buffet…

You can lounge around when there's extra time
You can lounge around when there’s extra time

With that, I guess I just wanted to say that even when you’re struggling mentally, push yourself to do things and never ever let it keep you from doing something you’re looking forward to. I really did meet some awesome people and I hope to keep in touch with them throughout college but we’ll see. There were plenty of people to help me, including my group leader Abby who I know for sure I’ll keep in touch with. She was amazing! All in all, yes I am nervous to go back and start a new chapter of my life, but I’m ready.



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