Role Models

I think in recent years society has put a negative vibe on wanting to be like someone else. Everyone nowadays is always pushing for people to ‘be their own person and don’t try to be like anyone other than themselves.’ Yes, I agree that people should be who they truly are…but what’s wrong with role models? Many might say that’s a different topic, but is it?

I have many people whom I look up to, who motivate me, and who I strive to be like. That’s not saying I want to become them, but they inspire me and show me the pieces of myself that I want to bring out and share with everyone else. My role models range from actresses (Holland Roden/Arden Cho/Vanessa Hudgens), to singers (Selena Gomez), to bands (5sos/1D-they aren’t afraid to be crazy, stupid idiots and have fun), to youtubers (Zoella/Ingrid Nilsen/Heyyyjune), to even people who I’ve encountered from school.

Whether they motivate or inspire me through their lifestyle, habits, beauty/fashion sense, personality, health….I have a little piece of what they all represent to me present in my body and they help me to pull it out and let it shine. That doesn’t mean I am a follower and want to be just like them! I’m just encouraged by them.


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