My Thoughts: Adventuring

By now I’m sure everyone knows that I just want to travel to new places, meet new people, experience different cultures, and eat strange foods. But, while I dream of those adventures, I miss what’s happening right here, right now, in my home town. These are some things I do to adventure & explore without leaving this lovely place I call home.

1. Go to a local band that you haven’t heard of to get that concert environment. Many parks hold them for free!

At the park concert! {Me & my sister}


2. If you’re a whole foods or local farmer’s market shopper-go to a big drugstore and pick up a new exotic fruit you’ve never tried before.

3. Find views you didn’t know your home area had.

4. GO CANOING! Really, it’ll replace anything else you’re feeling. Parks always have canoe or kayak rentals nowadays.

My bestfriend & I love going together

5. Check out that hole-in-the-wall restaurant that’s trying to make their big break. Who knows…they could have the best chili in town!

6. Have fun at a nearby {small & quaint} town’s festival/street fair. Many downtown areas allow small vendors to set up a tent to sell their things, and you can just take a stroll through.

Wizard of Oz chalk drawing


7. Take moonlit walks at 2 in the morning.

8. Have a water/paint balloon fight with your friends.

We all need to stop thinking that the only way to love life is to spend money and travel. Yes, there’s nothing like exploring places you’ve never been to, but that time will come. Play your music as loud as you want to and love the people you have. Live your life right now and stop waiting for it to start!!! Get out there and experience things that are happening right outside your door!


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