My Thoughts: The Little Things

While I think there are few things that truly satisfy me, there are little, smaller things that are worth just as much as those larger things that I wish would happen.

~Being joyfully greeted by your dogs or pets.

~When people pour your drink for you.

~When someone asks what movie YOU want to watch.

~Compliments on your hair/eyes/clothing.

~Times that your sister comes over when she knows you need a study break from exams and brings your favorite Starbucks drink.

~When that kid you don’t really know picks up that pencil you dropped.

~Strangers who you make eye contact with and share a smile.

~That new song or artist you just so happen to stumble across.

~When friends you haven’t talked to in a while text you out of the blue to see how you’re doing.

~Seeing plants starting to bud/blossom.


It’s always the little things.


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