My Adventure: 80s Weekend

Well I think it’s safe to say that I lived out every 80’s wannabe kid’s wet dream this weekend. At least I did  mine (being someone who clearly was born in the wrong generation)!

Saturday was Dearborn’s homecoming reunion which my family and I have been going to my whole life-and it was filled with carnival madness. Every year it’s packed with all types of rides, elephant ears (my guilty pleasure), funnel cakes, and 10 dollar mega monster bags of cotton candy! The Spinners were playing live and that was fun to dance to, but the real show started when all the lights turned off and everything shut down at 10 o’clock sharp to have a massive firework show light up the sky. I think this show is ranked in the top 10 fireworks in the country! Anyway, it was safe to say that was a blast just like every other year, and I already can’t wait for next year.


On our way home, we spotted a drag race and pulled over in the road to watch. The cars revved up their engines-if you were asleep before that, you definitely weren’t after! After they took off, one of the cars swerved right into the guy next to him but luckily nothing bad happened, but it did cause a tough loss for him!

That night my dad surprised me with MOTLEY CRUE TICKETS. Yeup, that’s right. Their final ever tour show in Detroit and I got to go. All thanks to 106.7 radio station that is. They hooked us up big time. Not only did we get to see their last concert for free, but they had us meet them early so we could go and meet Nikki Sixx! Being a huge fan I’m so shocked I kept my cool while meeting him, but honestly it didn’t hit me until we sat down. It was awesome to shake his hand and get a picture with him. He seemed like a totally cool guy!!!

Sixx Sense!
{My dad, Nikki, and I meeting pre-show!!}

Alice Cooper came on after a small band and rocked out the stadium. He was absolutely incredible to see perform-and he’s 67 years old!! His voice sounded insanely good still and he was running all over the stage. Not only did he sing well, but his concert turned into a mini theatrical performance as well which was both fun and creepy to watch.

Alice Cooper setting up the stage

Finally the crue came on and it’s safe to say I died a little inside. They played all their great hits and it was so so so much fun to sing along and vibe off of everyone else there that was having a great time. I’m pretty stoked that I saw just as many kids around my age as I did the older, more hardcore fans. The crowd was insane and so was the performance!

The show equip with every color light, pyrotechnics, fake blood, confetti, and fireworks!!
Towards the end, the smoke began to get reallly thick and heavy
Towards the end, the smoke began to get really thick and heavy


All in all this weekend was awesome and I can say the post concert depression is real! This memory will sure be a story I tell again and again. I had a really amazing time and thought I needed to share my adventure/experience with you all!

Thanks for reading and until next time,



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