Beauty Tips

I’ve learned a few beauty hacks over the course of a couple years and I figured it was time to muster them all up and share a few with you! So without further ado, here they are:

~Use Tea Tree Oil (other oils can be used too) as a nighttime moisturizer after cleansing your face.

  • Even my fellow oily skinned people can use it too! It works wonders in hydrating, and the vitamin e/aloe helps with acne & fading hyperpigmentation.

~Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly is wonderful for hydrating lips & eyelashes.

  • Many people use it for moisturizing their lips, but I also like to treat my lashes by coating them because I feel that it helps strengthen them after curling and applying mascara almost daily.

~Apply aloe gel before doing your makeup.

  • Now I don’t use this trick much anymore, but the gel will act as a base for your concealer and foundation as well as creating a barrier between your skin and makeup. Using aloe also will protect your skin from the sun’s uv rays.

~Tightline your upper waterline with both pencil and felt tipped eyeliner.

  • Doing this will help ensure the eyeliner lasts longer as it easily slips off due to watery eyes.

~Always apply a base coat of clear nail polish when painting your nails.

  • Clear nail polish drys fairly quickly and it doesn’t matter how sloppy you get with it. Doing this will add a quick first layer, making your nail color thicker and more pigmented-which means less applications.

~Leave your conditioner in your hair while showering and rinse it out last.

  • I find this tip very helpful as it makes my hair very soft and silky after along with enhancing the smell! Letting it soak into your hair while you shave your legs or lather up your body will help saturate and hydrate it more.

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