Fall Favorites Tag!

Guys, I literally cannot contain my adoration for fall. I love everything autumnal. No, I just love everything that relates to the season, yes even the start of school. So, what better way to share my love than with a tag! Without further ado, here are my fall favorites:

1. Favorite Fall Lip Product

~I personally am a nude lip kind of gal. I love the look of dark lips though, so if you can rock it, by all means rock it! I just don’t feel like I look my best in a dark lip, but that’s all I think of for a favorite fall lip. So, to pick one, I’d say my Estee Lauder lipstick in Spiced Cider. On the softer side, I also love my Maybelline Shinesensational lip gloss in Tempting Toffee.



2. Favorite Fall Nail Polish

~Basically anything burgundy or maroon. The one I have doesn’t have a brand on it, but it’s such an amazing autumn color! I also love dark blues and deep {hunter} greens as well.


3. Favorite Fall Drink

~Well, besides the obvious tea, I’ve actually really been loving 7-11’s Pumpkin Spice chillers. And they’re only like a buck for a medium, how could you pass that up?? I add one hazelnut creamer, one pumpkin pie spice creamer, and at least one or two french vanilla creamers. Pure Bliss.

4. Favorite Fall Candle/Scent

~I’ve really been loving my Fall Festival candle by Langley Home. It’s a very subtle smell when burning, but is the perfect fall scent! As long as it’s anything ‘spiced’ scented like cinnamon, pumpkin pie, etc. I’m good. I also love the really subtle scents that smell like dried leaves or the fresh fall air.


5. Favorite Fall Clothing Item

~I LOVE sweaters and combat boots. That’s basically all I live in during the fall. My favorite sweater changes a lot, but my most worn currently is a maroon sweater I just picked up recently from Salvation Army {by Cherokee}.


These have been my favorite combat boots to pair with everything. I believe they’re from Marshalls.

6. Favorite Fall/Halloween Movie

~This isn’t even a fair question. I love all fall and halloween movies that I see. I really really really love Caspar though {with Christina Ricci}. Boom done.

7. Favorite Fall TV Show

~American Horror Story hands down! Well that’s a no brainer. Also, yay for the first episode of the new season! I also love Castle though!

8. Favorite Halloween Costume

~Well since I’m basically a Renaissance festival junkie and grew up there, I take every possible situation I can to grab my garb and put it on. So I love those ‘outfits.’ But I’m planning on going for a female joker (Heath Ledger version) this year and I’m pretty stoked for that.


A look I did the other day which I also loved! {ps: sorry for the crappy snapchat quality}
A look I did the other day which I also loved! {ps: sorry for the crappy snapchat quality}

9. Favorite Thing About Fall

~Everything. Just plain everything. I love the colors the most I think. The vibrancy and vivid memories I have of strolling through the woods with color just splashed everywhere is amazing. I also love the weather, clothes, and all the decorations. And halloween is during fall so…


I hope you enjoyed this little fall/autumn favorites tag!!

Much love,



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