Dark Autumnal Lips

It’s day 23 of the best month of the year…O C T O B E R!! I’m obsessed with all things fall and yes that includes halloween. With fall fashion coming back “in” that means everyone and their friends are going to be breaking out the dark lipsticks. Don’t get me wrong, if you can rock a dark lip, more power to you! But, personally the dark lip trend doesn’t suit me so well. With that, I don’t exactly own any dark autumnal lip colors that I would want to wear if I did go out with it! So without further ado, I’m going to show you a couple tricks you can use to get your perfect fall lip!

  • The best way I like to darken any lip color is by layering.

~For this look, I started with a pinky-red lipstick (Spiced Cider-Estee Lauder) then layered on a darker red lip stain (19-Nani). After that dried, the pigmentation was still a little to bright for my liking, so I layered on a more maroon lip stain (22-Nani). Add as many layers as you want, and as many different colors to get the right one for you!


  • You could also try layering with an eyeliner and lipstick color of your choice.

~For fall, I like to use a black eyeliner (Jet Black-nyc). I’m almost positive everyone owns a black eyeliner and if you don’t, there are some really cheap ones at the drugstore! Line your lips with that and rub them together to get a more tapered and blended effect. Then, apply your lipstick (421-Nypm) to the center of your lips and blend outward. I like using a lighter purple because it adds depth and screams h a l l o w e e n. A burgundy or red would work too!


  • This third technique also includes a feathered effect.

~Start off with a red lipstick (Spiced Cider-Estee Lauder), and to darken it add black lipstick around the edges! You can apply it straight from the tube, but I find it easier to use a lip brush and dab on a little at a time. Then just blend as you go, apply more if you want a darker lip, and blend again! Boom, done.



1. If you don’t own a black lipstick, you could use an eye shadow to create dimension on your lips, just be sure to blend!

2. You can always use a bit more concealer to clean up the edges of your lips from any messy application.

3. You might want to start with a lip primer/chapstick to keep your lips hydrated!

Those are just a few ways to transform a normal lipstick into a more autumnal look!


With love,



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