My Thoughts: Anxiety

I’m just your average teen, with big dreams, and a high level of anxiety. And guess what? That anxiety keeps me from doing many things, unfortunately. I’ve been working through it though, and I’ve been trying to overcome it little by little! Here’s a little backstory: when I was growing up, I never really had anxiety…like at all. But it started in high school and has progressively built up immensely since then. With all that being said, I’ve come across a few things that have personally been helping me, so I hope you can find something helpful in these too!

The biggest and most important thing that helps me is perspective. I know, weird, but you know that picture you always see reminding you that Earth is but a spec of dust in an inconceivably ginormous universe? Yeah, it’s true. And thinking about that helps! Whenever I feel like anxiety is keeping me from doing something, or I’m just having a random attack, I literally stop and think. You have to look outside of your own body and realize that you’re just one person, and suddenly that pressure in your chest will start lessening, a little.

Another thing I’ve learned that has helped me is comparing myself to others. Yeah, that’s one you don’t hear often. In today’s society, comparing yourself to others is looked down upon and very “negative.” But guess what? It helps. When I feel like I can’t do something simple, like go up to a cashier and check out, I look at all the other people around me doing the same exact thing and they look like they’re having absolutely no problem doing it. Once you realize that, you can carry out that same exact activity and look the same way, or fake it, which brings me to my next tip!

Faking it has helped me so so much. I cannot even stress it. When I have anxiety, I always get even more anxious about people being able to tell I have it, and it just keeps on building. Sure it’s hard to fake it-your body gets shaky and you run out of breathe easily, but just try to ignore it and it’ll hopefully get easier!

I know these tips aren’t the best, and believe me, they don’t completely stop it, but at least they’re steps that get me closer to overcoming it. I hope this helps in any way shape or form-but if it doesn’t then at least you know of one more person in the same boat as you!

Best of luck,



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