My Everyday Hairstyles


I can be a very lazy person at times, so I normally try to switch up my look by styling my hair differently on and off! This being said, I have 3 go to hairstyles that I wear weekly:


~The first one is super simple, yet turns out unique each time! All I do is let my hair dry about 10% then just braid it into a normal french braid. Since I do it on my own, it normally doesn’t turn out that tight, but you can definitely switch it up by making the braid tighter (smaller waves)  or looser (bigger waves).


~The second hairstyle I like to do is just a blow out basically. I have naturally wavy/combination hair, but whenever I blow dry it, it dries mostly straight but frizzy-which I tame with some argan oil. Usually I’ll leave it like that, but sometimes (and I have been lately) I’ll go through the front sections with a straightener and along the top area of my head if there’s a little wave to it still.

Dryer: Revlon // Straightener: Conair (Ceramic)

~Lastly, and might I add this is the one I do the least: curls! I absolutely love how this hairstyle turns out but it definitely is the most time consuming. And by time consuming I mean only about 15 minutes or so. I kid you not this curler curls my hair in no time and lasts for days. Yes, days. Obviously, you want to start with dry hair. I don’t even section it; I just part it in two and start from the back working my way towards my face. I curl all the pieces in the same direction, away from my face on each side. I only curl the bottom half and as I get closer to my face I tend to go a little higher up to create a more angled effect.

Curler: Conair Instant 1/2″


Those are basically all my go-to hairstyles! Thanks for reading(:




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