Valentine’s Day Makeup


~Conceal any marks/blemishes {Covergirl invisible concealer}

~Set entire face with powder {Covergirl mineral foundation}

~Bronze temples {Estee Lauder-tawny blush} & contour with blush {mix Estee Lauder rosemarble and tawny}



  1. Apply primer {Urban Decay primer potion}
  2. Blend pink cream eyeshadow all over lid {Aziza II}
  3. Blend a light brown transition color into crease {UD-tease}
  4. Pack a light soft pink on inner 2/3 of eyelid {Color mates}
  5. Darken outer 1/3 of eyelid with a darker shimmery brown & blend into crease {UD-busted}
  6. Wet eyeshadow brush and pack on a shimmery foil pink color to inner half of eyelids-on top of first pink shade {Color Mates}
  7. Blend, blend, blend!
  8. Lightly blend soft pink on top of crease to create a pink hue
  9. Apply white eyeliner to bottom lash line and add dark brown to outer third and blend into pink on inner corner {busted & color mates}
  10. Tightline {NYC kohl eyeliner-jet black & Kat Von D-trooper} and apply winged eyeliner {Maybelline Line Stilleto eyeliner-blackest black}
  11. Coat eyelashes with mascara {Maybelline Classic Volume Express-very black}



~Apply nude lipstick! {Maybelline-nude beach}



Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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