My Adventure: Grand Ledge

I love going out into the woods, but what I love more is going out and exploring different areas that I’m not as used to. We went to Fitzgerald park and Oak park (I believe), which are both county parks in Grand Ledge, Michigan. There are a few parks along Grand River that you can walk along and see the ledges. They’re a little less than two hours away, and they’re so beautiful. I’ve been to the ledges before, but this time we went to some different areas.


Some 300 million years ago Grand Ledge was a salt water sea. Sediments (sand, silt and clay) were carried by the water and deposited in layers along river banks and beaches. Time and pressure compacted and cemented the sediments into the ledges we have today.



There are a few different areas. One part you’re not supposed to climb on because it erodes the “ancient stone” quicker. There’s also areas where you can actually see veins of coal in the rock layers! {Total nerd moment} But it was pretty cool to see. It just puts how much time has passed into perspective.




The other part is where climbing is permitted, and a bunch of people actually go there to practice rock climbing. The ledges aren’t too high, but they’re definitely high enough. It’s so nice to be able to walk around a historic area like this, and the view is so scenic!


There were a few little, or should I say bigger than “little” caves here and there as well.




The ledges are an awesome place to wander and mess around at. It was fun to climb on them and just the view of them is amazing. This is definitely a place I want to keep visiting in the future. Until then, here are some more photos of the actually ledges themselves!


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