What’s In My Bag

Here’s a little interesting post for the day. I like watching youtube videos of everyone’s purse essentials to get a feel of what I should be carrying around…so here’s a list of mine!

»The bag I use is just your simple over the shoulder bad. It’s black with fringe and brass hardware! {Brand: Lulu | From: Meijer}


» Of course I always need my wallet

» I always have my keys with me (I’ve been locked out too many times not to) as well as my headphones which I need everywhere I go to listen to some tunes.

Hair ties and clips are always essentials

» Of course the portable charger is a must. Along with a pen and some pepper spray.


» Lotion / Lip balms

Hair ties and clips are always essentials

» Mini perfume samples to always smell nice

Sexy Micro Mini~Charlotte Russe | Bond No. 9- New York

» I normally always have some type of food/candy and it’s always good to have some cough drops and of course an emergency tea stash.



» I also always have some tissues on hand as well!

I hope this was enjoyable!

Courtney x


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