Cruelty~Free Beauty

There are so many amazing beauty brands and products that are cruelty~free and even vegan that people don’t realize. With that, I wanted to share a few brands that I have in my collection that you might think about replacing some other cruelty products with! (Of course, there are many more and these are only a few that I wanted to mention so this post wasn’t to long)

E.L.F Cosmetics:

I’m sure everyone knows about elf already, but I wanted to add it in this post because I’ve been obsessed with this brand for years now. And on the plus side, their products have gotten so much better and they’ve been producing so many new ones lately! A few products that I love of theirs include:


  • Bronze & Blush Duo {Original}
  • Eyelid Primer {Sheer}
  • Matte Lip {Coral}
  • Liquid Eyeliner {Coffee/Black}


Of course, I have to rave about their brushes. They are so inexpensive and work perfectly. I use a lot of these in my daily routine as well. I love brushes from both the studio and professional line a lot, and these are the ones I use religiously:

  • Powder Brush {Studio – flat top}
  • Eyeshadow “C” Brush {Studio}
  • Eyeshadow Brush {Professional}
  • Defining Eye Brush {Professional}
  • Blending Eye Brush {Professional}

Urban Decay:

If you like the more high~end brands, UD is a good cruelty~free one. Their eyeshadows are my favorite because they’re so pigmented and super smooth. My favorite palettes are:

  • Naked 2
  • Smoked {with 24/7 Glide On eye pencil – Perversion}




Both of these palettes include shades that are perfect for everyday looks as well as more glamorous looks. I personally am more into neutral shades, but the Smoked palette has some amazing gem stone shades as well. My favorite eyeshadow primer also comes from UD, the most talked about Primer Potion. I have really oily eyelids and this helps prevent creasing as well as intensifying the shadow’s pigmentation, but you definitely need to set it first since it is a very thick consistency.


I’ve only started getting into this brand within the last year or so, but it’s quickly becoming a favorite! Their lip products are probably my favorite things they have. Anyway, my favorite products in my collection include:2015_0530_20010400.jpg

  • Soft Matte Lip Cream {Stockholm}
  • Butterglosses {Vanilla Cream Pie/ Strawberry Parfait/Devil’s Food Cake}
  • Eyeshadow Palette {Love in Paris}


If I had one palette to pick as my favorite, it would probably be this one. It’s perfect for everyday use but it also has some shimmery shades as well. I use the lighter brown shade to add depth in my crease and also to fill in my eyebrows when they seem a bit scarce. I would definitely compare this to some of the shades in my Naked 2 palette that I mentioned above!

These are only a few products in my collection that I not only love but are also cruelty~free! I hope this inspires you to check out more of these brands and their products. I’ll also probably be making another post like this since I have some more amazing cruelty~free brands in my collection that I want to share!

With love,

Courtney xx


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