Everyday Makeup: Summer

So my makeup routine seems to change throughout the seasons, and I figured it’s time to share what I’ve been putting on my face lately. It’s slowly turning into summer here in the lovely mitten state, and with heat-comes minimal makeup. I tend to wear less makeup during the summer months, {or even none at all} so this is what I grab for when I actual decide to do a little something:


I normally start with my face, but I actually don’t use any moisturizer or primer prior to my makeup. I apply some tea tree oil every night before I go to bed which helps put some moisture back into my face. First off, I start by covering up my acne scars and any spots I have with my trusty Invisible Concealer by Covergirl and blend that out with a foundation brush {Coastal Scents}. Next, I apply my NYC pressed powder with my flat top powder brush {elf} by first packing it on then blending it out across my face. The bronzer I use changes all the time, but recently I’ve only been using neutral toned blushes. I’ll take my NYC Cheek Color in Park Avenue Plum and apply that on my cheekbones with a blush brush {Coastal Scents}. Then, I’ll take Tawny by Estee Lauder and blend that onto my temples and over the other blush.


I usually keep the eyes pretty simple in the summer. I’ll start by tight lining my upper lashline with my black eyeliner from LA Colors, and go over that with my Kat Von D felt tip pen in Trooper to lock the color in place. After that, I comb through my eyelashes with a spoolie and curl them with my elf eyelash curler. I usually use my favorite Maybelline the Classic Volume Express as my main mascara, but since I’m running out, I’ll just apply a thin coat of that first and let it sit. While that’s sitting, I’ll take my Physicians Formula mascara and lightly apply the smallest amount on my bottom lashes, focusing more product on the outer corners. Back to the top lashes, I use the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara in black pearl. I’ll normally do about two coats of this. It’s a pretty liquidy consistency which I’m not a fan of, but the more I’ve gotten used to it, the more I’ve been liking it!


Most of the time I don’t reach for anything other than chapstick, but if I’m feeling some lip product I’ll most likely go for my Mac Satin lipstick in Viva Glam II.


That’s pretty much my go to summer makeup. It’s pretty simple but it definitely works!

Thanks for reading,

Courtney xx


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