Cruelty~Free Beauty {pt. 2}

Hello! I’m back again with another post about some cruelty-free brands that I have in my own makeup collection! As I said in my first post {link here!} , there are so many amazing brands {both drugstore and high-end} that have cruelty-free and vegan products. The brands I’ll be mentioning fall under one or both of these categories and the products I own from them are actually some of my favorites.

Coastal Scents:

There are so many products by this brand that are raved about for the price, but I personally love their brushes. If you’re looking for a good quality brush set for a lower price, I highly recommend their 12 piece brush set. It has all your basic brushes that are excellent for everyday use. With that being said, there has been controversy about coastal scents being a cruelty-free brand, but while doing my research I came across a note on their website proving they are! {see for yourself} These are my favorite brushes from the set:

  • Face: Classic Large Powder/Classic Blush Angle Small/Classic Foundation Small
  • Eyes: Classic Shadow Medium/Classic Blender Doefoot/Classic Blender Pointed/Classic Detail Round

Bare Minerals:

Although bare minerals is a cruelty-free brand, I believe their mother supplier is not. However, I think bare minerals makes really good products themselves! One of my best friends uses only their products for her face makeup and swears by them. Here are the products of theirs that I have in my collection:

  • Foundations {Matte/Original}2015_0628_21545000.jpg
  • Concealer
  • Mineral Veil
  • Bronzer

The concealer is amazing and my favorite loose powder one I have. The foundations I tried are a bit too dark and orange for my skintone, but from trying them I can say they give really good coverage! I also have two of their mini travel sized brushes that I love as well! I actually use the powder one as a daily bronzing brush:

  • Full Flawless face brush
  • Concealer brush


Wet ‘n Wild:

I was never a big fan of Wet ‘n Wild, but once I found out that they were vegan I decided to try out new products of theirs. This turned out to be a great idea! Their eyeshadows are actually really pigmented and I really like the bronzer I picked up from them; it’s also very pigmented and super smooth as well!2015_0628_21582200.jpg

  • Bronzer
  • Eyeshadow Palette
  • Mega Protein Mascara
  • Large Eyeshadow Brush




These are only three more brands that are living in my collection, but still, there are more!! As always, thanks for reading and I hope this helped give you some insight!!


Courtney xx


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