Warm Dewy Makeup Look


  1. Conceal any problem areas with concealer
  2. Set the entire face with powder
  3. Go heavy with a shimmery bronzer focusing it on the cheeks and temples
  4. Contour lightly with a matte bronzer to add definition
  5. Add a lot of highlight to all the high points of your face; tops of the cheekbones, forehead, cupids bow, and chin2015_0705_00114200_1.jpg

I wanted the face to look very dewy and shimmery because if summer isn’t the perfect time to be all shiny and such then when is yeah? I actually doused myself in highlighter, but my camera didn’t do it justice and barely picked it up, but worry not it’s definitely there.


  1. Start with a white cream base all over the eyelid and crease to make the others colors pop more
  2. Blend an orange shade into the crease from the outer corner all the way to the inner corner, and take it down along the bottom lashline to “smoke” it out {making it thinner towards the inner corner}
  3. With a light hand, grab some yellow on a fluffy brush and blend along the top of the orange for a more seamless and transitioned look
  4. Pack a blushy-pink toned color all over the lid as well as right along the bottom lashline {not going as far down as the orange}
  5. Go back and blend the crease out, and add more orange to intensify what was lost
  6. Highlight the inner corner and browbone with the same highlight you used for the face
  7. Apply mascara to the upper and lower lashes



  1. Apply a nude lipstick color
  2. Add a matte pink liquid lipstick to the center and blend out

I would definitely opt for a nude lip if you’re planning to have some intense colors on your eyes {but personally I always prefer nude lips so..}

My nails are a gunmetal color and as I was doing this look I thought it would also look pretty sweet with a gunmetal colored winged liner! {But, I don’t have one} Anyway, as always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this look!

Courtney x


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