The Positives

Everyone always focuses on the bad things in life, especially when things always seem to be negative, so I decided to make a post about some of the important positives of life.

  1. Music~ Whether it’s just listening to music, creating music, writing music, dancing to music, singing along to music, making covers of music; music is always something that will be native to humans and it’s just something that’s so amazing and wonderful to be surrounded by.
  2. Animals~ I think we should always be grateful for animals. Period. Just seeing a video of panda bears messing around instantly makes me smile. My dog is always something I’ll be eternally grateful for as well, because he’s pretty much my most loyal, furry companion.
  3. Plants~ For some reason, I always get so excited when I go outside and see that a plant {whether it be wild or something I’m growing} be ever so slightly larger than the day before. Science is amazing, and I love seeing it in everyday life.
  4. School~ Yeah yeah, school. Honestly though, how many people can say they’re able to go to school on a daily basis and learn immense amounts of information. Filling my head with knowledge is something that I never want to stop doing, and right now, school is my way of gaining that information.
  5. Imagination~ Being able to imagine the most extreme and ridiculous things is insane. You want to escape because nothing is going right for you? Go ahead; read a book, watch a movie. Surround yourself with as much fantasy related things as possible and create your own little world inside your head. That’s the most important thing. Being able to escape into your own mind and dream up the biggest dreams you can and then make them real.

Those are just a few things that hold a high spot on my importance list. There’s so many more including technology, adventuring, etc. Don’t dwell on the negatives all the time. Yes, work through them, but don’t get caught up in everything, and take time to realize the positives you have.


Courtney x


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