Summer Lookbook

Look #1:

|~Shirt~|: Pacsun

|~Skirt~|: Vintage Blue

|~Necklace~|: Abercrombie & Fitch

|~Shoes~|: Save On Shoes (outlet)

  • This is a really good outfit for when you want to dress up but still be on the casual side!

Look #2:

|~Shirt~|: Chloe K

|~Sweater~|: Marshalls

|~Shorts~|: Kohl’s

|~Necklace~|: Plato’s Closet

|~Shoes~|: Faded Glory

  • If I’m going somewhere that I know will have their air blasting inside, but it’s also pretty hot out, I’ll opt for something like this outfit. It’s wearable with or without the sweater!

Look #3:

|~Sweater~|: Salvation Army

|~Shorts~|: American Eagle Outfitters

|~Necklace~|: Hot Topic

|~Shoes~|: Peng Ji

  • Some days will cool down a bit, which makes for the perfect combination of a sweater and shorts! I also love these shorts because you can totally play them off as a skirt, but have the comfort of pajamas all day.

Look #4:

|~Top~|: Abercrombie & Fitch

|~Bralette~|: Walmart

|~Pants~|: Wet Seal

|~Necklace~|: Wet Seal

|~Shoes~|: Salvation Army

  • Again, this is your ideal outfit for those days where its not too hot, so you can wear pants, but can also get away with a crop top.

Look #5:

|~Shirt~|: Forever 21

|~Shorts~|: Delia’s

|~Necklace~|: Toledo Zoo

|~Shoes~|: Save On Shoes

  • If I’m just going out to the store, or want to throw something on quickly, I’ll grab a pair of shorts and a t-shirt style shirt and out the door. Plain and simple.

Courtney x


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