Room Necessities

Hello! I wanted to throw together a quick little list of all the things that help me feel cozy and comfortable in my own room. Obviously preference is everything, so some things that work for me might need to be switched out to work for someone else, but you get the jist of it!

~Salt Lamp; there are so many benefits to having these such as purifying the air, but they also just look amazing and calming2016-08-31_21.37.22_1.jpg

~Writing Utensils {notebooks/pens}

~Vinyls; I love collecting records and sometimes I’ll just put one on and let it spin in the background of whatever I’m doing

My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade


~Books; I have all my favorite books and series displayed around my room!


~Tapestries, tapestries, tapestries! I have a minimum of 2 up always


~Guitar; I love to be able to just pick it up whenever I feel like I want to take my mind off things2016-08-31_21.52.56_1.jpg

~Plants of course! I love my succulents and air plants {and they’re also good for cleaning the air!}


Those are just a few of the little things I love to keep in my room and hopefully this will give you inspiration if you’re redecorating or moving into a dorm/apartment for school!

{ps: I started a youtube channel a couple months ago so if you’d like to see a few covers here’s the link!}

Best, Courtney xx


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