Teal & Purple Sunset Makeup


So, as Summer comes to an end, I figured it was appropriate to create a sunset look inspired by a trio I’ve had in my makeup collection for quite awhile now. The colors are so pigmented and amazing so I decided to throw them all together and came up with this! The palette I used is Southern Belle by LA Colors.



  1. Start off with a light cream base to enhance the pigmentation of the colors
  2. Blend the darkest blue shadow into both the outer corner and crease
  3. Also blend this shade on the outer corner of the bottom lashes
  4. Lightly blend out the edges of the crease color with the lighter teal shade, bringing it just a tad bit higher
  5. Highlight the inner corners of the eyes with the teal color as well
  6. Pack on the purple shade all over the lid, making sure to stop at the crease, and blend together with the blue (also apply to the middle of the lower lashline)
  7. Intensify any lost color by reapplying but don’t forget to blend everything together again
  8. Add some winged eyeliner as well as tightline the upper lashline
  9. I also added a purple eyeliner to my waterline to give a bit more color
  10. Apply mascara

I would definitely recommend starting with the eyes since the shadows are pretty dark and there was some fallout with these colors.

~Apply face makeup as desired, but I kept the face very soft since the eyes are pretty prominent

~I opted for a nude lip color to keep the focus on the eyes as well

I’m only a little sad that Summer has come to an end, but that just means there’s some pretty rad fall posts to come!

Stay tuned,

Courtney xx



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