Living Dead Girl Halloween Makeup

Hello and happy  O c t o b e r!

Since I love the lovely halloween holiday so very much, I decided to come at you with a different makeup look each week of October! For this week, I decided to keep it semi-simple by just spicing up a nice fall eye look with some extra veins and heavy contour!


  • I definitely was going for the “fresh out of the grave” look, so I used the lightest foundation I had (which was actually my normal one), added in a little bit of white face paint, and set that with a white setting powder.
  • Next, going along with the dead look, I used a black eyeshadow to contour my cheeks and temples, then blended the contour out with a grey shadow.
  • Don’t forget to cover your lips with the foundation and set them as well. I took a black eyeliner and traced the inner parts of my lips, and blended that out with the same black eyeshadow I used for the contour.


  • I started off by priming my eyelids because I wanted it to last for eternity you know? The eyes are actually pretty simple, just make sure to use plum and grey colors.
  • Blend a berry-plum color into the crease, and reapply to build the intensity.
  • Then I took a grey shade and applied that all over the lid, mixing it with the berry color in the crease. Once again, reapplying the berry shadow to keep that color.
  • I also brought the crease color into the inner eye socket to create a sunken look.
  • Taking yet again the same berry shade, I smoked out the lower lashline, and with the grey I blended that as far down onto my cheeks as I planned to take the veins
  • To create the veins, take a small angled brush and go back and forth with black and grey eyeshadows, as well as a black gel liner to intensify certain lines.
  • Add a dramatic winged liner and more eyeliner to both the lower water and lashline. Apply mascara.

That pretty much sums up the first Halloween makeup tutorial! I chose to make my hair all tossled and messy to match the dead scene, also dressing in all black and adding a lot of accessories! You can totally play this look up even more, and it was definitely fun to mess around with. Stay tuned for more looks to come!

Courtney xx


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