Glam Halloween Makeup

For the second tutorial in my mini Halloween makeup series, I decided to go for something that would work for all those people who don’t necessarily want to go all out with their makeup, or just want something a little more glamy. I originally wanted to do a cut winged liner look, but I opted for this instead to make it more of a makeup look, rather than a bloodied mess!

I wanted to quickly mention the lighting completely washed out the bruising look under the eyes in most of the pictures, so I would definitely go back in and intensify the shadows!

~I went for a really pale foundation just to block out any color pigmentation on the face, so I could make my own dark patches

~Set with a pale powder and contour heavily under the cheekbones and temples2015_1023_23223100_1.jpg


~I started the eyes off with a red lip liner, creating the winged shape I wanted, then took a matte red lipstick and applied that directly on top with an angled brush

~I wanted to assure that there wouldn’t be any smudging, so I set the lipstick with a red eyeshadow

~Make sure to prime under your eyes and set with a powder also, to make blending the shadows easier

~For underneath the eyes, I took that same red eyeshadow from before and concentrated it on the lashline. After that, I blended some more down further towards the cheeks

~Next, I just messily went in with blue, plumy purple, brown, and yellow colors to create a bruised pattern (you can do this to your own preference). I made sure to add some of the purple into the hollows of my eyes to give more depth

~I also added that red lip liner to my waterline

~After all that is blended to your liking, add mascara to the top and bottom lashes

~I alternated lip colors throughout this look, but I finally settled on a pinky-nude color, but red or black would also work well!


This was a bit of a simple tutorial, so definitely look out for the more intricate ones {that include body paint} coming soon! I also wanted to apologize for the late upload on this one, hopefully the next couple will be more equally spaced out!

Courtney xx


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