Dark Rouge Makeup

Hello! I’ve been really into the bright and out-there eye looks lately, so I came up with this! It’s a combination of both a deep and colorful look, and here’s how to get it:


  1. Prime the entire eyelids up to the brow bone because we definitely don’t want this to crease. Don’t forget about the lower lash line.
  2. Start with a really fluffy blending brush and blend an orangey, brick colored shadow through and above the crease, from the outer corner to the inner corner.
  3. Pack a dark maroon, red shade all over the lid, bringing it into the crease as well.
  4. Go back with the original color and blend out the crease again, creating a2016_0413_01015100_1.jpg seamless transition between the colors. I had to go back in with the lid shade to replace some lost color, making sure to blend each time.
  5. To add another dimension to the look, I added in a deep plum shade to the outer fourth of the eye, keeping it in the corner so that the main focus was the maroon.
  6. Adding even more color, I went in with a mix of blue and green to smoke out the lower lashes.
  7. I didn’t want to cover any of the color, so I decided to skip the liner and just added mascara.

To keep the focus on the eyes, I opted for a dark nude lip. This is a liquid lipstick in the shade Suede by LA Colors.

This look was so much fun to create! I definitely recommend just messing around with your makeup and coming up with colorful and out of your comfort zone looks!

Good luck,

Courtney xx


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