What I Ate: Vegan

Hello! Welcome to another vegan what I eat in a day! My disclaimer still remains from the last post, I’m not 100% vegan but we’re slowly getting there. I hope you find some kind of inspiration and motivation in this!


2016_0226_21293600.jpgSo, for starters, I like something nice and filling in the morning that doesn’t take too much time {because, well, I’m tired and lazy most mornings.} I decided to switch it up today and try some plain oats with almond milk (I’ll admit, oatmeal isn’t my favorite.) I sprinkled some granola on one side and a sliced banana on the other to add flavor. I even drizzled some maple syrup on top as well. You could use agave as well!


I was feeling a bit nostalgic so for a quick snack I put together one of my old favorites as a kid: “ants on a log.” All it is, is peanut butter {or almond if you prefer} spread over celery and sprinkled with raisins. I also had some chips and salsa, as always, later in the day.



Funny story, a few months ago I actually bought a pack of Gardein Mandarin Orange Chick’n because I was craving asian food, again as always, and I didn’t even realize it was a meatless product until I got home. Needless to say, best happy little accident ever. I’ve bought these frozen packages a couple times now and I really like them! If I run out of the sauce before the nuggets, I’ll just heat them up and eat them with some ketchup instead! For today though, I actually used the sauce and cooked up a 1/4 cup rice to mix with it.


Yesterday, I made some insanely delicious vegan donuts. I found this awesome recipe from Taylor Parks on youtube {linked here} and they were absolutely amazing. I decided to top around four each with some powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, chocolate glaze, and regular glaze. I just dipped the first two rows into the sugars without adding any kind of oil or butter and it worked fine that way. Definitely not a healthy snack, but if you have that sweet tooth…



For dinner I went out with a friend and ended up getting a veggie burger with fries. It came with ketchup, tomatoes, and pickles as well. Of course, you don’t always know if this is 100% vegan unless you ask, and of course it most likely has eggs in the bun, so just make sure to ask if you’re not completely sure! {Veggie burgers have been my new obsession lately too}


Thanks so much for reading, it’s appreciated as always and I really hope this gets you inspired to try out new things, even if you aren’t vegan/vegetarian/etc! You might find something and realize it’s delicious. I highly recommend Taylor’s donuts as well if you take anything away from this read!

Courtney xx


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